Job interview advice?

  1. hi, i'm a new pn grad in need of some job-interview advice. one of my clinical instructors stressed the importance of asking the don, or whoever is conducting the interview, what exactly my job responsibilities will be. in addition to that, and also asking about staff-to-patient ratios (i am interviewing for ltc), what other information is important for me to get up front about the job so that i will know it will not turn out to be a nightmare job?
    thanks so much:spin:
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  3. by   MALE*RN*777
    And other duties not specified is how alot of places get away with you doing other things. Ask for a copy of job duties which will be what they base your reviews on, lenght of probation, pay (when you get your first check), benefits (vacation and sick) and when they start and if they role over year to year and amount of insurance you will be paying, overtime information such as do we take turns or is it the low man on the pole who would have to stay and how often does this happen, every other weekend and on-call info. Not a total list but a good start....
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    Thanks, MALE....good advice!:smilecoffeecup:
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    Get a hold of an, RN Career Search 2007; A Directory of Nursing Opportunities, magazine. It a supplement to the RN magazine that came out in December, 2006 or January, 2007. Pages 16-20 has an article, "How to answer interview questions." It provides complete and awesome information! Included is a sample Nursing resume written in two styles.

    They list a web site:

    Good-luck to you!
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    thanks sister! i now have a much better idea what i will be asked, and what questions to ask myself. tomorrow is my 2nd interview at a facility i really want to work for--this one is with some rn and lpn team leaders. i was not really told what to expect from this type of meeting, so the magazine helped me feel a bit more confident. (actually mine was a freebie i got at school: modrn career guide 2006, but i'm sure very similar to the one you have--thanks again!!)