Is the a good path to choose???

  1. Ok, first I just wanted to say I am new to this forum. Found it last night and saw some good posts on here. So I thought I would join myself.

    I am thinking of starting nursing school here in Springfield, OH at Community Hospital School of Nursing next fall. I would work on becoming certified as a RN there and get an Associate in Arts of Health Science. That takes 2 years to complete. From there I plan on moving to NY since I have always wanted to live there. Then I would want to start working on getting a BSN and then a Master's in either Forensic Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, or Massage Therapy. Does this seem like a good pathway that would work out or is there a step in there that I am skipping??? Also are there any good schools in NY to receive a BSN and Masters??? I appreciate all information that I receive and look forward talking to some of you!

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  3. by   Pronurse
    As a psychiatric nurse in the profession for over sixteen years, I would highly recommend it. You have to be able to take good care of yourself. You don't need to wait for a master's program to be in psych nursing. You do need to be a RN if you want to work in the state of new york (that is outside of working for the state of new york)... experience is invaluable.. so starting in the inpatient setting is a great beginning.... I have never regretted psychiatric nursing, as it really is about wholistic approach, because so many factors influence the mental well being of an individual...
    There are great nursing programs in the state of New York... Roberts Wesleyan College, University of Rochester. State schools... don't know where you reside now..
    psychiatric nursing is challenging, never boring and very rewarding... Good Luck!
  4. by   the_one_ck
    Is Seton Hall a good university for nursing??? I have heard it is a good school, but have not heard anything about their nursing programs. At the moment I am leaning more towards the Forensic Nursing than the Psychiatric Nursing, but it is a close second! The Massage Therapy is kinda far behind those two. I will do some more research on those schools you mentioned. Thanks...