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I just turned 50 and after raising children as a SAHM I want to become a CNA, and then enroll in nursing school while working as a CNA. I already have a B.A. degree (in English- aaarrgh, useless!)... Read More

  1. by   BlessedRNToBe
    Thanks so much delee99 for sharing your journey It's very inspiring. Organization is one of my key problems I will try to use your organization approach to help me .
  2. by   Marcia Loya
    I am 48, and keep asking myself the same question.To bad you and i were not going to the same college,then I would not feel like the lone ranger.
  3. by   down wind sail
    wonderful to read all the positive encouragement...I'm about to graduate LPN program with a 4.0 average ...and in my late 50's! Little nervous about getting out there in the workforce though!
  4. by   gibbbygibson
    Hi donsterRN. I cannot do pm yet, so am reaching out via this channel. I am 49 and have been accepted to an ABSN program in Nevada, but I don't really want to work in that state after graduation. Based on your experience, do you think someone at my age would be better off waiting a year to apply for a program in the state where I live and want to work? I had applied this time around, but my application was not reviewed due to some information on a transcript that said I attended a college I never went to. That is water under the bridge; what I really wonder about is how much wiser you feel it is to attend a program in a state where one wants/hopes to work. Based on your post, I get the impression that you were recruited by and ended up going to work for one of the employers in the same state as the school you attended.
    Thanks very much in advance for your input.
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  5. by   feliciam
    So glad I found this thread. I'm currently 42 and have been thinking of becoming a nurse for so long now. My current profession is Administrative Assistant which I am self-taught. Only got into this profession because it didn't require a degree and was able to quickly join the work-force. I plan on starting my CNA courses in 2019. Currently saving up to be able to quit my current job and still be able to afford living expenses until I earn my license and obtain employment. Also going to go to school full time for my RN while working as a CNA. Was extremely nervous about my age but after reading this thread I am more confident and more demanded to achieve my goal.
  6. by   Catherine2183
    I just wanted to say that I think you're an absolute inspiration. You're an inspiration to me. I want to become an LPN but I got chewed up and spit out by this Facebook group that I was on. I think I really need to shadow an LPN and make sure that it's for me, but this going back to school twice idea made me understand that you really want this as a career. I think I want it that badly too. I just want to make sure that I will be able to actually do the job.