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  1. I am a new graduate RN and had an interview this past week and am so stressed out because of it. My question is, about how long does it typically take to hear from a nurse manager after an interview?

    I feel as if I made a fool of myself at my interview. I was just so nervous. My responses to their questions were incredibly shallow it seemed. I just froze up and feel awful about it.

    I had 2 job offers back in May, with interviews that went very well. Dumb me decided to take the summer off though. Now it seems no one wants to hire me. I've applied to over 20 positions in the past month and only got a call from one.

    Any advice or recommendations? Thank you so much!
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  3. by   HealthyRN
    It depends. I've gone on interviews and was offered the job on the same day and sometimes I didn't hear back for two weeks. It is acceptable to call after 4-7 days and left the NM know that you are still interested and wondering if the position was filled.

    Most people don't enjoy going to interviews and managers expect you to be a bit nervous, especially if you are a new grad. Don't feel badly about how you did. At least you will know what to expect next time and you can be more prepared. I recommend going on as many interviews as possible, because it does get better with practice. I graduated in 2006 and I've gone on about 12 interviews since then.

    Just keep applying to positions. Are you being picky about anything that may be affecting employers' decision to give you an interview? For example, are you trying for a speciality unit or a certain shift? Also, review your resume and consider having an expert take a look at it.
  4. by   lilo19
    Have you followed-up after your last interview? This step is very very important so you might as well do it now:

    Also, do not blame this non-active period of your job searching process on the fact that you have decided to take summer off...As the poster above mentioned, you could be called back after one day, after a week, after a couple of weeks or never so...
    I suggest not to stay and wait for an answer, but to continue applying to other jobs and you could also improve your interview technique. Leave frustrations aside.
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  5. by   emersushea
    Thank you both so much for your support and information. I got the job!! After months of searching I'm an employed RN.