ICU vs. L&D

  1. I am currently in my last semester of my Nursing degree program and I have a dilemma. I worked in Day surgery over the summer as an Undergraduate Nurse, and I had an interest in pursuing ICU after graduation. Long story short, I met with a PCM of the ICU at my hospital and was offered a job after graduation that involves 6 months of orientation. I was really excited and definetly wanted to do this, but I let them know that I still didnt know where my final practicum would be and that I wanted to wait till Sept/Oct to fully decide. Now, I found out my final practicum is in Labor and Delivery (what I wanted!!). Now, to jump back abit my overall career goal is to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, with a strong interest in Womens Health.

    In terms of best career move, or advice... should I try to pursue employment in L&D after graduation given this is highly likely because I have done my final practicum in this area. Or should I continue with ICU. I have no experience in this area, nor do I know if I will even like this area, but its definetly a great orientation and would be a huge learning curve that I do enjoy.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
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  3. by   SillyLilly
    I am a new graduate myself. I would say follow what you want to do.

    If you have seen other posts, first year in nursing is HARD. And if you do not have a full passion and drive for starting in ICU.... I dont know- I wouldnt do it.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  4. by   MIA-RN1
    follow where your interests lead you. You can always change your mind later and opportunities in L&D are few and far between.