How well does nursing fare for moms?

  1. Not talking about money, I know how the RN's salary goes, but how would you describe being a mom and being a RN? I am currently a stay at home mom who has a B.S. Ed. in Elementary Education. I taught 2nd grade and with all the unrealistic state mandates on teachers and unrealistic educational goals, not to mention LOADS of hours spent working after the school day is over (and not being compensated for that) I am wanting to get back into nursing. (Started out in college in nursing and completed the 1st 2 semesters before swapping to elem ed for the sole reason of the schedule I will have being with my kids.) I love nursing and I know in my heart this is what I want to be but I am willing to put my desires aside so I can be with my kids and enjoy their childhood. (ages 1 and 5....also have a very supportive husband who has a good job.) I am currently about to embark on my Master's in Elem. Ed. in October and feel like if I must stay in teaching I might as well get an increase in pay. If I start on my master's there is never a possibility of me being a nurse (per husband....not going to pay tons of money for a b.s.ed. then a master's and then change to the nursing field...and I agree and understand.) Moms??? How does nursing work for you and your family? I am not at all a fan of daycare...I need to be raising my kids...they are my responsibility, but how can I be there for them when they are home from school in the summers?? and I still have to work??
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