How to deal with some of the staff?

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    I've recently graduated nursing. I love this profession. I just got a job from a dementia-hospital resthome. Everything's okay. Work is stressful sometimes. It's even more stressful when I'm introduced with new stuff, but I got little problem with that. The team/staff are just awesome. They're supportive and just seeing them smile or laugh makes my day. Residents are lovely as well.

    However, some staff are not easy to go with. Everytime I greet them, they just shove them and snub as if they want me to leave. Some just don't communicate well. Some are lazy. I even get blamed because some stuff weren't done properly, even though they're the one's most involved with, because "I'm the nurse" they said - as if I wasn't working my sweat off.

    Despite these, I always smile at them back. I know they have a reputation like this (the whole facility knows), but I don't like to make prejudice, whether they're patients or staff. I always aim to have a harmonious team. But sometimes I get to the limit, and I just can't stop thinking about those people, especially when I'm driving to home.

    How do you fellow nurses handle this kind of situation?
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  3. by   NurseHotFlash
    Don't let them get to you! You can't change those type of folks. It sounds like you have a good situation overall. You can't fix others, but you can control your response to them. Just focus on the good people, and say a prayer for those who fall short. After the prayer, let it go!