how do i become a clinical documentation specialist?

  1. I'm currently a travel NICU nurse. During one of my many job searches, I came across a clinical documentation specialist posting. Since I would like to try something other then bedside nursing, but don't want to go back to school for a master's, I thought this was worth looking into, however, all the positions I found require at least 3 years experience. I found a CDS course and I thought about taking it to boost my resume since I don't have any experience, but at $1300, I'm hesitant to take it. Any CDS out there? How were you able to land your first job? Any ideas on how I can increase my chances on entering this field? Any other ideas of non-bedside nursing careers that don't require a MSN?
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    apple 5000, I also am applying for a clinical documentation management consultant position with J A Thomas and Associates, JATA. I have had several phone conversations and had a facetime interview. There is a pre-hire competency exam over ICU/CCU/Trauma/ER/Teli/med/surge. I have been out of hosp clinical for 12 yrs, so I was given the opportunity to step back and prepare for the exam. I plan to take it the first week of Aug. I am struggling to know what to focus on. As I understand, their is an intense training after you are hired that lasts several weeks/months. as I understand, there is no formal certification required for the company, Check them out on line. Good luck!!
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    thanks so much for the reply. I read a post from another user that said the exam for that company is really difficult so good luck to you as well. I will definitely check them out.