How do I resign from the unit without closing the doors to the hospital entirely

  1. I feel so stuck! I am on orientation on a new mother/baby unit (under a year old) and the orientation is so unorganized and has been since day one. I am expected to have only 6 weeks experience even though I have no prior couplet care experience. I was told there would be classes offered during orientation during my interview and since I have started I have been told that there aren't any classes being offered. I have been given SEVERAL modules and pathways to complete but not allotted any time to complete them?! What tops it all off is that I will be required to be able to handle a pt load of 4 to 5 couplets. AWHONN's recommended ration is 1:3 STABLE couplets. I was also told during my interview that the standard is 3 couplets and sometimes if we are short I would be getting 4. A few days ago I received 2 admissions, plus my 3 couplets. A total of 5 couplets and one of my admissions was not stable (I had not yet taken report on her) and my preceptor was not available (she was on another floor) I contacted the charge nurse who did not answer, then I contacted my nurse manager who stated she would not accept the pt until she came to assess her herself. That sounds appropriate right? However she never came to assess the patient, or even attempted to contact me (we use mobile phones on our unit) to tell me she got held up etc. Eventually my preceptor came up and the L&D nurse contacted anesthesia, but I feel like there was little support that I should have gotten especially as an orientee. What would have happened if I wasn't on orientation? I worked too hard for my license and refuse to put any of my patients in danger. I came into this field with the intent to help heal, and be an advocate and educate my patients and I am realizing this unit is not safe for me to practice on. I have since noticed physical changes in my health in the short amount of time I have been working here, and this is not the future I seek. I am expected to come off of orientation in 2 days and would like to resign without giving 2 weeks because I don't feel I can take on that full load safely. How do I do so without closing the door to the hospital as a whole?
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