Houston Methodist new grad Interview ** Nervous**

  1. After a grueling nclex experience, passed last April and moving to a new city and searching for a RN job, I finally landed an interview with Houston Methodist Hospital!

    I went to my first interview a few weeks ago and thought I blew it.
    They didn't ask me much ethical or clinical scenario questions, they went straight into the disease process, "what is heart failure? etc.

    I was extremely nervous so I forgot a few things and stumbled a bit on my answering but since they called me back for a second interview this week, I am assuming I didn't do that bad.

    So has anyone had any experience with second phase interviews as a new grad. All my previous jobs it was one interview and a call back to let you know if you got the job. Pretty quick and simple.

    Any advice on preparation or previous hiring/interview experience would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks !
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