Hiring at a hospital with misdemeanor charges

  1. Hi i am looking for opinions here. I am a cna and I recently applied at a local hospital. It went great i had an interview and shadowed. The director of the unit told me they wanted to hire me and i just about got the job. She said they will check references and do a background check and then i would receive a phone call with an offer. I have a couple misdemeanors for minor in consumption of alcohol (underage drinking ). From when i was under 21 young and dumb. I briefly mentioned this on my application. It was never asked about in my interview or anything. Will this bar me from employment? Will they ask me to explain? Or will they realize when your young you make mistakes? It has been three days and i haven't heard anything. The anxiety is killing me. I know it hasn't been that long yet but will they call me and let me know if i don't get the job?
    Any input would be appreciated, Thank you
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