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    I currently work on a medical psych unit in a hospital and i recently interviewed at three different places. I now have 3 job offers and do not know which one to choose. Job 1 is a per diem hospital position working in the breast health center in a similar role to a breast health navigator. There is a lot of paperwork involved and the role is not that clinical. This is only a monday to friday job, no weekends. I would only pick up shifts for other nurses that are sick or on vacation. it is a very small department, only two nurses currently work there along with the techs. Job 2 is an acute care rehab hospital. it is 24 hours day shift. every other weekend commitment. Mostly med surg patients needing a longer hospital stay. I have heard both good and bad reviews of this for profit company. This job is 29.54 per hour. Job 3 is a charge nurse role, part time only 3p to 7p mon to fri on a subacute floor, no weekends.This job is 30.50 per hour.

    I think I would gain the most skill in either job 2 or job 3. job 1 offers 2 weeks of training, job 2 is a month of training, and job 3 offers 64 hours of training. I am just a little leary of knowing that both job 2 and 3 are from a company that does not always get stellar reviews. I know that the experience would be my own, and that I should not always go by how others experiences are. I am just stuck at what would be the best move for me. I am per diem at my job now and would stay per diem for the time being.
    Job 1 is 25 minutes from home, job 2 is 18 minutes from home, and job 3 is 15 minutes form home. My current job is 50 minutes from home. Does anyone have any advice, or have worked in either of these capacities?

    Thank you for your time..
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  3. by   Erindel RN
    Anyone?? I declined the per diem job in the breast health center. Any thoughts on which job i should NOT take then?? I would really appreciate any advice and thoughts.
    Thank you..