Help...took time off to have baby after school

  1. I graduated in May of 04 and received my RN license. My husband who is in the military was transferred to Alaska to a small town that did not train new grads in their hospital. I took the time at this station to have a baby and we are getting ready to move to Florida the first of the year. My license is still current, but I havent worked more than four months right after I graduated. I want to go back before I forget EVERYTHING that I learned. I am hesitant because I am afraid that I have forgotten almost as much. Any advice. Any good training hospitals in Pensacola, FL or nearby...any advice for training or classes that I can take to prepare myself to be competent in the workplace? ANY advice would be helpful. Thanks in Advance!
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  3. by   nursemelani
    Have you taken some continuing education units. If you need some, chose a subject that will help with where you want to work. Many hospitals have new grad programs, so even though you are not exactly a new grad, the program would be good for you.
  4. by   shantommy
    Yes I have taken some continuing education credits...but I am sortof looking for a review of the basics???? Do you know of anything I could do??? Thanks!
  5. by   jjjoy
    There are some CEU courses that do cover the basics - iegeneral med-surg nursing or common nursing procedures.

    check for any local nursing refresher courses, maybe at a community college
  6. by   shantommy
    Thank you SO much. I didnt realize that they had continuing education for basic skills. Thanks so much for the info. I will save those links now!