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    I am a nurse with 9 years of experience and I (finally) want to get more involved with unit councils and magnet councils. I am going to be joining a new unit with supportive managaement and can start joining these councils 90 days after hire.

    What do you recommend for an experienced nurse in a new facility and/or unit who wants to bring new ideas and introduce current best practice that isn't being utilized in the facility/on the unit currently for the best outcomes?
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  3. by   llg
    I recommend joining the committee or council that appeals to you most. Then ... do more listening than talking for a while. Be willing to do the "grunt work" of whatever projects the committee is working on. Then gradually, as you earn the respect of your new coworkers, they will become increasingly receptive to your ideas for change. Pay close attention to their receptivity as you gradually start voicing your opinions. Move forward or backward depending on their reactions.