HELP!! New Grad Seeking Advice!!

  1. Hello! I am going to graduate in May with an Associates Degree in Nursing. I am working at a hospital as both an ER technician and a float pool technician. I pretty much work everywhere in the hospital. Currently, I try to get the most hours from the ER, on Fridays I permanently work in the Cath Lab holding, and if I feel I dont have enough hours, I can work the float pool. I am trained to work in the ICU, CCU, CVICU, med/surg, behavioral health, and unit secretary.

    I applied for this position in my hospital that is for new grads. It is a CCU with a 12 week internship to transition into the job. My dilemma is I am not the only technician in the hospital who wants that job. At my hospital, there is about 10 technicians graduating this May. From speaking to the Director of the CCU, she told me that only three people applied for the position. One of those three I feel so threatened and intimidated by. The reason being is that this technician also works in the float pool but she does her practicum on the CCU unit. SHe will graduate with a BSN this May. I guess I feel so intimidated because she will have a bachelors and I will have an associates. Her program has a practicum, and mine doesn't have a practicum. I just feel like I am going to lose this battle. WHat kills me is I want so badly to go into critical care. Whereas, she just wants the hospital experience so she can go off to work public health.

    I am trying to think of my strengths and I have way more critical care experience as a technician than she does, I have strong IV skills, I have experienced adult code blue, code heart, I can interpret EKGs easily... but in the long run, that co worker of mine does her practicum on that floor and is pretty much working under a preceptor as a nurse. I feel like the battle is lost. I feel like she will get my job. I spoke to my manager and she said she would put in a good word for me over there. They haven't started interviewing for the position yet, but since there was only three people who applied for the job, I feel like my chances of getting an interview are good (maybe i'm getting a little ahead of myself).

    So I'm not sure what to do next. Any advice? I am considering getting my ACLS before I Take the NCLEX in July just so I might be able to have a head up on my competition. How long would you recommend studying for the ACLS?

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