HELP!!! first job as New Graduate PN (GPN)

  1. Hello Everyone!
    Please, I am in need of some help!!! I am very new graduate PN nurse in PA. I have been blessed with job opportunity fresh out of school as a Graduate nurse, and prior to sitting for my NCLEX in a few months.
    However, this job is something unlike anything I have experience during my time at clinical. This establishment that gave me an employment offer is an assistive care facility. The majority of the client population is self sufficient older adults, living in apartments. My job would entail over seeing everything, and dealing with the doctors, pharmacy, transports, and families. Also, I would be the one to do assessments on patients in case of an emergency such as a fall. The medications, and wound care is all handled by outside sources, there is not much direct patient care, as the clients are elderly but very healthy. I was offered a decent starting pay rate, and the schedule shows that I would start immediately with a 16hour shifts; around three days a week and some weekends; est: totaling over 80hours q two weeks.
    As a new graduate I am very excited and eager to get out into the field, yet I do not want to make a vast decision and jump on the first job offer I get, or possibly pass something up that I may not encounter again!
    One concern about this position would be keeping busy. They claim that I would have plenty to do, however, 16hour shifts is a long time to not be busy, and when I walked around the facility is was peacefully quite. My biggest concern, is that I will not be able to grow in an assisted living facility as I would somewhere that is more acute care. I loved every second of my time at clinicals, along with the skills we learned/practiced; suctioning, performing wound care, administer meds PO and via Gtube, feeding pumps, placing catheters, ect.
    I am concerned that since I am only a few weeks out of school, that I would not be able to utilize or maximize my clinical skills. And like they say "if you don't use it, you lose it!"
    Overall, I am completely torn on what I should do!! Should I try out the job for a few months, or stick to what I know something more fast pasted, busy, and where I would be providing patient care; giving meds, wounds, and using the skills I have been trained on.

    I am asking for experienced nurses opinion about this issue!
    This is a time sensitive matter, as I need to inform them if I would like to position by next week. 1/28/18

    Please by honest
    I greatly appreciate your time and opinions!

    Thank You!
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  4. by   pmabraham
    Have you shadowed an entire shift at the facility? If not, then please consider it.