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  1. Hello All, I am a recent Grad with 6 months nursing experience under my belt. I would appreciate some good critique on my resume. I am having a difficult time transitioning from business to Nursing. Thank you so much!!! Please keep in mind the formatting on here is not the same as on my resume

    Resume Help, RN
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    Phone 123.456.7890

    I am a registered nurse professional looking for a challenging and responsible role where my skills, knowledge, and experience can be enhanced and effectively utilized. I have the capacity and leadership quality to handle any situation.

    Associate Degree in Nursing RN, College, Anywhere, MI, March, 2012
    • Magna Cum Laude
    • President's List recipient
    Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, Community College, Anywhere, MI, June, 2000.

    2012-present Long Term and Rehab facility, Anywhere, MI
    • Responsible for the care for up to 60 patients through the direct supervision of four CNAs encompassing:
    Dispensing of medication Oxygen therapy Tracheostomy care Vital signs Wound care Intravenous therapy Pain management Infection control
    Urinary catheters Ostomies Phlebotomy Peg tubes
    Picc lines Ventilator care
    • Coordination of care with physicians and allied health consultants
    • Assess patients and report changes in patients condition
    • Develop and implement nursing care plans, and supervise patients' admissions and discharge procedures
    • Liaison between patients, and physicians to address problems requiring immediate or long term resolve

    • Ensure open lines of communication and accurate charting procedures
    • Educate, train and supervise personnel in all areas of patient care and daily procedures.
    2012-present Home Health Care, Inc., Anywhere, MI
    • Care for patients in accordance with the plan of care.
    • Perform assessment and data collection. Design and implement nursing procedure.
    • Educate patient, patient's family and other staff.
    • Supervise and educated HHA's for patient care.
    • Complete initial assessment of patient and family and determined home care needs. Assist in coordinating all services provided.
    • Provide complete physical assessment and history of current and previous illness(es).
    • Design, implement and evaluate plan of care and make necessary revisions as patient status and needs change.
    • Administer medications and treatments as prescribed by the physician.
    • Identify discharge planning needs as part of the care plan development and implement prior to discharge of the patient.
    Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Anywhere, MI
    Human Resources
    • Conducted new hire orientation.
    • Responsible for worker's compensation issues, unemployment claims, OSHA compliance, and personnel file management.
    • Prepared payroll and administered benefits.
    • Served as corporate compliance officer.
    • Established, chaired and advertised annual blood drive.
    Admissions/Marketing Coordinator
    • Collaborated with discharge planners to coordinate admissions and review referrals.
    • Ensured seamless admission process with patient and family through timely completion and distribution of admission paperwork.
    • Maintained accurate census records and distributed daily.
    • Verified all admission insurances: Medicare, secondary, prescription, and Medicaid.
    Director of Medical Records
    • Maintained medical records in accordance with current laws, regulations and professional practices.
    • Audited charts on the floor for accuracy and completeness.
    • Worked closely with the Medicare Coordinator and insurance representatives.

    SKILLS Known as a critical thinker, compassionate patient advocate, leader, and team player.
    Able to observe, recognize patients' problems and take precautionary measures.
    Demonstrate patient education to the patients and their families. Outstanding organization and communication skills.

    Coach and captain of, national travel soccer team.
    Conducted and lead an education group for the patients in Mental Health rotation.
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