going to nursing school after baby???

  1. I know several people are moms and going to either LPN or RN schools. I was planning on getting my pre-reqs done and applying to ADN program either in the spring or next fall.... Well, surprise, I just found out I'm probably going to have to wait awhile. Took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. I wanted to know how many people went to schooll after their babies, and how long did you wait? I really need to further my education and want to be a nurse so bad. Any advice???
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  3. by   rgrgray
    Im not in your boat, but I am a mother of 2. Congrats on being pregnant a baby is always such a sweet blessing! Now for my advice, If I were you I would start taking some easy classes at your local community college, you can even take distance learning classes from your home! I would take sociology, psychology, life span growth and development, english 1. these were some classes that i took thru distance learning and I found them to be verrrrrryyyy easy! goodluck and I hope this helps
  4. by   himp79
    I have been wanting to go to nursing school for a long time now, and i am due to have my second baby this August and hopefully going to start school in in fall, september, i am still looking at schools and all the details as i dont have alot of time after my full time job ( that i HATE!) But i am determined to get this done and better my life and do something meaningful with my work life, obviously other than my children

    Anyway advice on this subject would be great!! i am in the same boat as sconoli!
  5. by   Kwality
    You can still do the pre-reqs, its easier to do them now, than to just wait until after the baby. Then after the baby, at least those classes will be out the way.
  6. by   nursemelani
    I agree with Kwality. Take some pre-requsites while you are pregnant. I wouldn't try to go to school for at least the first 3 months after your baby is born. You won't get any sleep for at least that long, and if you are planning on breast-feeding, you really need to be with your baby all the time during those critical first few months. If you introduce a bottle too early (even a bottle filled with breast milk), the baby will often prefer the bottle over the breast.
    Also, if you put a baby in daycare, they get sick a lot, and you end up having to take time off of school when they are sick.........
  7. by   Serenyd
    I was in summer school finishing up the pre-reqs for my program when I found I was pregnant. I was so sick with morning sickness I decided to pack my bags and head home instead of starting the program. I ended up going to a school closer to home a little over a year later. My baby was six months old. It was tough. The first day I came home and cried and cried - I realized how much time I would have to spend away from my child. I had a lot of help from my family to get through nursing school and I didn't have to put him in daycare. I was young and I'm glad I was able to keep my baby and be able to finish my education. I had to take some more prereqs when I switched programs and finishing up my classes was really hard after the baby was born, but not bad while I was pregnant. One of my classes was online and that helped a lot. If you're planning to breastfed during nursing school, get a good pump, possibly with a car adapter so you can pump in your car on breaks. That's how I managed and it worked fine - just put some towels or something over the windows so people can't see in.
    Good luck - You can do it!