Getting into a nursing school in Chicago

  1. Hello, due to the nursing shortage it seems to me that everyone want to pursue a nursing degree. This makes the program even more competitive. In line with this, I do have some questions about how hard is it to get into a nursing school particularly here in Illinois. The schools I plan to apply to are Loyola Univ, Rush university, UIC and NIU.

    My questions are as follows:
    1) How hard is it to get into the nursing program of the schools I had specified?
    2) Is there a waiting list? How long?
    3) Would it be an advantage if I already have a bachelors degree, but from another field? (Computer related)
    4) I intend to apply for spring of 2005. How early should I submit application? Right now, I am still taking pre-reqs. Should I wait when they are done?
    5) I took my bachelors from a foreign country, is there an easier way to have my transcripts sent to the schools I want to apply to?

    Thanks everyone and I cant wait for your responses.
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  3. by   Cardiology EP NP
    I believe all the schools you listed are equally competitive. Getting into nursing school is fairly competitive here in the chicagoland area. Most schools have waiting lists, however, I am not so sure about the accelerated programs. All of the community colleges have waiting lists. In order to find out about the other schools, I would call each of them respectively in order to know if there is a way waiting list.
    Yes, I think you are at an advantage being that you have a bachelors degree. What is your bachelor's degree in? You won't have to worry about basic gen ed requirements.

    In order to know when to send in your app., I would call each school and find out. Every school is a little different. Some schools do not begin their nursing program in the spring semester. Loyola starts their accelerated program every May. Rush starts theirs every January. And I'm not sure about UIC or NIU.

    You may want to consider the route that I am taking. I was just accepted into a Masters program of nursing at Depaul university. This program is for people with a non-nursing bachelors degree. I have a degree in psych/soc. It is a 2 year program and I believe they do start in the spring, but I would verify with them. The nice thing about this program is that courses are taught at the graduate level and at the end of the 2 year program, another option would be to go into the nurse practitioner program. Nurses with master's degrees get paid more and have more options to them in the long run.

    Depaul's number is 773-325-7280.

    Hope that helps.