getting hired at an old job with new management

  1. I worked with a kindred ltc and got fired.

    New management took over some medical group. I was wondering the chances and possible difficulties in trying to go back to get employment at that facility as it's really local, a few of my coworkers may still be around that loved me, as well as patients.

    The facility, I survived 11 monthes at was one that sent agency nurses away swearing never again and chewed through 4 directors of nursing I the 11 months I was there. I take it as a badge of achievement in surviving so long there.

    When the 4th director of nursing came in they had a reputation of cleaning house. Being there with the corruption, that I felt powerless to change I made the mistake of having a heart to heart with her. I was working nights 40+ patients with a lazy day shift that I'd beg to notify doctors of changes or concerns to update medication regimens on patients, as the doctors never wanted to hear from the nightshift (I know in hindsight I should have just pestered them anyways or left notes)... but I was repetitively told by a couple questionable nurses to just drop an extra trazodone or this and that in their gtube to "shut em up"... over and over. So I managed and kept the boat afloat.

    Until this new beacon of hope came in. I had a heart to heart, and she encouraged me to write down what I'd been told. With in 2 days the two nurses in question got terminated. I got fired a week later for giving a patient an extra strength Tylenol instead of a standard strength, a mistake that I didn't lie to cover...

    this was back in 2006-2007.

    now years later. once walking by a patient out smoking flagged me down and chit chatted with me about a year ago to catch me up with gossip and bemoan how missed I was. And more recently I a medical aid I worked a lot with(older guy with a calm demeanor that tons of nurses went to for talk therapy and wisdom) told me new management I should apply.

    I'm over honest. The place has enough stories that could spin off a novel series.

    I'm confident that if patients that are still there were asked I'd be begged back.

    But I'm nervous as to how to proceed.

    This Monday I think I'm just going to walk up the hill and apply.

    Sorry this is so wordy, and could be posted in multiple category headings, what I'm hoping is that fellow professionals will pick me apart as well as give me more advice.

    Thanks ahead of time, you guys are an awesome community.
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