Foreign Graduate seeking job in Houston, TX

  1. Hello fellow nurses,

    I'm a US citizen but went to nursing school in The Philippines and have passed my NCLEX in September. So far I've only applied for hospitals within the Texas Medical Center but will continue to apply to other hospitals. Aside from working for a clothing store back in 2006, I have no previous job experience. I know how competitive the market is for nurses here, and quite frankly I feel like my chances of landing a decent job in a hospital in Houston is very slim. My mom suggested I transfer to a smaller city (ie McAllen, Tx) where the competition is not as harsh thus increasing my chances, but that's my last resort. So any advice on where to look? Should I just quit on trying to get in a hospital and settle for home health, nursing home, or a clinic for a my first nursing job? Also, I would love to read any testimonial from anyone who faced a similar problem being a foreign grad and looking for a first job. Thanks!
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  3. by   perioddrama
    It is not just foreign grads, it's ALL new grads that are having difficulty finding their first job. I personally am hitting the two-year mark of being a jobless RN. I have applied to hospitals and non-hospitals setting in California, as well as branching to other states. Since I am not as marketable as a fresher new grad, I am going back to school.

    Morale of the story: branch out your job applications. Include non-hospital jobs as well. Open up the radius. Search the whole Texas and move to get that year experience.

    Good luck! Hopefully you will find a RN job in less than the average (a year).