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  1. So I'd like some advice! Just thinking/typing out loud here...
    Before even starting nursing school, I was certain I'd be a midwife. I was a doula and worked as a tech in L&D. I currently have a total of 2 years nursing (LPN and RN) experience in LTC/dementia/rehab and 1 year neuro ICU. I'm going back to school to get my BSN and about to transfer to another branch of my hospital. So life turning point. The last few years I've thought my type A personality, organization, and love for writing nurses notes were perfect for research. I think it would be awesome to be apart of a new treatment or discovery. But I've read ppl complaining about feeling like secretaries and I'm a slow learner...could I memorize all the new policies and procedures well enough to speak with doctors and explain to patients? I also like being able to bounce ideas off co-workers but I've also read it's a more independent position. Would there be enough patient care to satisfy me as well? Idk. OR go the WHCNP/FNP route. I've pretty much decided I don't want to be a CNM anymore so I could spend more time with my family (on call, etc) and less liability/insurance. But I could work in an ob/gyn office and stick with my roots; while keeping my options open with the FNP. But would I be bored or unfulfilled working in an office?
    I'm also worried about finding a job for all of these options 😩
    I'm sure most of these questions may be left unanswered because they are personal, but if anyone would be willing to help me organize my thoughts I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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