Florida RN now but all hospitals wants 1 year experience

  1. Hi everyone! I am so new to this and hopefully someone can give me an advice. I just got my Fl RN license Sept 2017 but have been working as an aesthetic nurse outside the United States for almost a decade. I tried putting my foot forward and attended so many job fairs, uploaded hundred applications online but always got the same answer' Sorry but we need atleast 1 year experience in the US!So how could i get an experience if nobody gives me a chance???i have revised my resume to try and apply for nurse residency thinking maybe this will open the door.. so i had an interview with the nursing manager during one of the job fairs and on my face she told me that we are taking only new graduate nurses for our staRN program so Where do i exactly belong then??? Im so frustrated and almost giving up regretting why i resigned and left my previous job for 9 years thinking US would treat me better what a shame!!!!anyone who has gone this path??? Please advice,,,,,,,,,
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