First nursing interview

  1. I am in need for some advice. Two weeks ago today I had an interview at a hospital that I have dreamed about working at. I applied online on a Sunday night around 11:30 pm and was called around 11am the next morning and scheduled an interview for the next day. I was excited and really nervous but prepared with resumes and my portfolio. I showed up 15 minutes early and first met with the HR person and was asked a series of questions that I feel I answered well. After the questions the HR lady took me to meet with the director of the department I hope to work for . She explained the job.and asked some questions. I also tried to ask a few questions, after that she toured me around the hospital and thentold me I was the first person interviewed and gave me her card and said to email with any concerns. She also asked that I email her as soon as I pass my NCLEX PN( I take it Tuesday the 12th). Do you think I have a good chance?the interview was an hour and a half long she also said not to worry if I didn't hear something for a few weeks.
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  3. by   appleman
    It sounds like you got the job . Please update us and let us know