First job interview

  1. I had my first interview today as a new graduate. I met with the NM and she talked a lot about the job, the hospital and orientation. She asked if I took boards I said not yet but had a date set up. She Asked why nursing, why that hospital, why that speciality and why should we hire u, it was a short interview and she kept saying after your orientation.. I shadowed a nurse for 2 hours then the NM asked how I liked it I said I loved it. I left and wasn't told when I'd hear. I should have asked maybe I bombed it
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  3. by   hardworkinmama
    I'd send a thank you card & call back later this week or next week. At least you got an interview!!
  4. by   Mamakellyd
    Meg- I've been an RN almost 23 years, and spent about 9 years of that as a nursing administrator responsible for hiring. A lot of times I would pair someone up to shadow one of my nurses so I could get their thoughts and feedback as well. I can tell you that I did not do this if I did not like the candidate. I kept it brief and did not speak toward the future if I had no intentions of really considering the applicant. I agree with the prior comment of sending a thank you note for the interview, and following up. Once you take NCLEX and know your results make sure you call her or communicate somehow that you have passed.
  5. by   Meg86an
    Thank you so much for your feedback. I already did a handwritten thank you note and plan on dropping it in the mail tomorrow morning. It was just really hard to read her. She reminded me of a clinical instructor I once had who told me I was great and I would have never guessed that by her personality.
  6. by   Mamakellyd
    Just remember people who are hiring have to be very careful. If they indicate that someone will get the job and then they don't it can cause problems. So often they are very cryptic and careful.