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  1. Hello everyone!
    I'm very discouraged and need an uplift. I'm having a tough time finding a job!! I'm a recent LPN grad (passed my boards in August ), however I was a MA for 10years in very busy offices (GI and Family practice). I'm also a phlebotomist, EKG certified, with a lot of medication administration experience. I feel as though I have sent my resume and apps everywhere but I am not getting any calls.:uhoh21: It's only been about a month BUT I've been going to open houses and job fairs since before I graduated in Sept.Fellow class mates w/out any experience are already working. I have a family to feed!! What should I do??! Any advice would be much appreciated right now, I'm blue...
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  3. by   chelli73
    First off, CONGRATS on passing! You sound like a person w/loads of experience!!! I am sure that you will find the job you need very soon!!! How is your resume? Have you had it proof read by a "pro"? Sometimes, it is something like minor details that will hinder the process. Been to any job fairs lately? In any case cheer up and stick it out, you will succeed. I will send a prayer your way...
    "Positive thinking affects notonly our hapiness but our health. We get what we expect in life--what we think about. Our thoughts control our actions, which affect our outcomes. A positive attitude and strong faith make all of the difference--often in the physical outcome, but always in the emotional and spiritual."---LeAnn Thieman, LPN (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul)
  4. by   GPN-Man
    I am having the same problems. But I am a couple years removed from school. I work with a agency and I have to beg for shifts. While other employees get 32+ hours a week. I do not get any return calls from employers. Leaving nursing is my next option, for my family is going broke. It is either that or sell our home.