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    Hello! I need some advice... I graduated with my BSN in 2016. I am currently working as an Early Intervention Nurse (I work with developmental delays in with toddlers, at home). However, theres is rarely any medical/clinical experience. Often times, it feels that I am baby sitting or that my position would be more fit for the position if I was a day care provider, Behavioral Analyst, or Speech Language Pathologist since that's where the bulk of our clientele come for services. I have not dealt with any medical cases. I feel that I more of a case manager for a family. I love community health, do not get me wrong. I love helping the family at home and helping them with ways to improve on their wellness by starting with interventions at home. However, again it feels that it's more baby sitting and parenting than anything. I have been working here since Oct 2016, and feel that it's time for a change. However, now being a year and a half in, I feel that I have forgotten/lost all my experience I've gained in college/education. I've done a lot of medical surgical and telemetry/ICU experience prior to obtaining this job. I am trying to get back into the clinical setting after not dealing with anything medical at all. (This job is more education/social work based). How do I go about so? It's hard as the requirements of most job's I've been applying to are looking for a "more qualified candidate" when I was applying during my new grad period, but what about now that I even have more lack of experience (so to speak - even though I worked 2 years as an "early intervention nurse")? I am scared that I am no longer qualified enough as I feel that I do not have the needed knowledge to go further in the clinical setting. I would like a place that will help me learn what I am lacking. I would have loved to continue Early intervention, if it had given me more exposure to learn more about more medical/clinical heavy cases. I'm 23 and I really feel like I am going no where in this wonderful career. I would love to do more and learn so much more if given the chance. I learn quickly too. I feel that due to my lack of experience and forgotten knowledge, I've feel so ... incompetent. What should I do? / Thoughts?

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