Dream job opening on orientation

  1. I'm a new grad and I've recently passed my boards. I was lucky enough to have a job lined up in med/surg and started orientation one week ago, with only one day on the floor so far.

    I've always dreamed of becoming an ICU nurse and searched for a new grad position endlessly for the last 3 months. As luck would have it, a new grad ICU position has opened up at my dream hospital.

    I was wondering if I should even include the current med/surg job on my resume because it might look bad that I'm so newly employed and still job hunting? I'm currently working another job alongside orientation that is not nursing related so there would not be a gap in employment on my resume.

    Obviously I wouldn't mention this to med/surg manager/staff until I have the new job secured, that's to say if I even get an interview. I'm simply wondering about first steps and how to go about this the right way as to not burn bridges while concurrently not hurting my chances of getting the dream job.

    Thanks for any and all help!
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  3. by   mbcnurse
    Honestly, you probably won't want to hear this, but if I were in your shoes I would go ahead with the med/surg job you already have and get at least a year experience before moving on to ICU. it really helps to have that foundation under your belt before going to s specialty unit. There will be other opportunities for ICU when you have experience to help you get the job.
  4. by   KrisSik9921

    What did you end up doing?