1. Hey
    I just found this website, and just in time...
    I was wondering about the positive things about nursing. I don't mean the money... even though according to this forum that's not one of the rewarding parts
    I was wondering what is it that you actually like about your job, what is it that you enjoy.
    Is it easy to go home and put all of the suffering that you saw during the day behind?
    Everyone tells me that a lot of people mistreat nurses, and not just the doctors, but also the patients... someone told me that the patients sometimes hate the nurses and really mistreat them, as if the people in the medical proffession were the reason they were sick in the first place...
    is that true?
    Whenever I mention to someone that I want to be a nurse the first response is, why do you need this? do you know how hard the job is?
    I know why I want to be a nurse. I don't think I need to be incouraged or anything, and actually the more people discourage me the more I want to do what I chose for myself...
    but I need to hear about the positive things about your everyday job.
    The great people who work with you as a team is a huge part of it, isn't it?
    Why is it GREAT to be a nurse?
    And one more thing.. can you be a quiet, shy person and still be a great nurse?
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