Desperately trying to become liscenced, help wanted.

  1. I been out of school for 10 years now, i took the nclex exam twice and failed, i admitted i did not put 100% forth. i thought all the training during practical nusing school was all the knowledge i needed. But i learned after taking the boards,that alone did not cut it. i studied then, but not as nearly as being close to passing. So now 10 years later, i decided to give a try again. i could most certainly use the income my family has grown that sarlary looks nice, and a confidence boost i could use that as being a nurse. However, this time around I studied and studied for months i used kaplan, exam cram and learning extention along the infinite info thru out the internet. Still that was not enough for me ,my test scored near passing standard . so im asking anybody know of any tutors or know of nclex refreasher classes, or even better material i such jump on, am in th e Hamptons Roads area in Va. im not to going to give up i have learned so much info just studing on my own and maybe im going about it the wrong way. I truely believe i can do this, throught God all things are possible. I need a push, if there's any advice im all ears. Thank you SOo much.....
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  3. by   perioddrama
    I am not sure what your situation is, but on the VA BON website, it states:

    Licensure by Examination - Registered Nurse

    If you are a recent graduate from a RN state approved nursing education program that prepared you to be a nurse and need to take the NCLEX (state board), you will need to complete the application for licensure by examination.
    If one or more apply to you, please contact the Board at (804) 367-4555 for further assistance:

    • You are not a recent graduate from a RN state approved nursing education program; or
    • If you attended an education program outside of Virginia that did not provide a minimum of 500 hours of direct client care supervised by qualified faculty. [18VAC90-20-120.E.]
    • If you are a RN educated in a foreign country.

    Since you have been out of school for 10 years, you may need a refresher course. Contact the BON for verification.

    As to your study habits, are you reading the explanations in the practice test? When you take the practice tests and the NCLEX exams, what certain questions give you roadblocks? Is it the critical thinking questions? Pharm questions? Priority questions? Delegations?

    If you can narrow down what type of questions give you a problem, you can work on those questions. Make sense? Know what your weaknesses are and strengthen them.

    In CA, there are NCLEX tutors, I am sure VA has them too. If not, there is an abundance of study materials available for you to choose from, such as Kaplan and Saunders. Each person has their own preference for choosing one over the other. Head to the bookstore or online and pick and choose from the study books.

    Good luck!