Cooks children's 2018 RN residency

  1. Just thought i would start this thread in case people have questions!
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  3. by   TexasGirl17
    I applied. I'm getting a little nervous because they are supposed to make appointments for interviews soon. Have you heard anything yet?
  4. by   lgs21794
    Hi guys! I applied as well and am so nervous. Do you know the chances of getting selected for an interview are?
  5. by   cgoldsmith
    It said online that they would call people for interviews October 2- October 6. I have been holding my breath everyday!
  6. by   lgs21794
    Me too! Which track did you guys apply to/ has anyone heard anything?!
  7. by   cgoldsmith
    I applied to the critical care track!
  8. by   HayleyPaul06
    There is one other thread going too! No one has heard a word yet over on that one - but I'm pretty sure the nervousness is the same!! Praying for you guys!! Keep us posted!!
  9. by   TexasGirl17
    I haven't heard yet, but my friend did get called today to schedule an interview for the critical care track
  10. by   HayleyPaul06
    Did anyone else hear? I've pretty much lost hope in getting a call now... but I know the Lord has something in store! So nerve racking! Praying for those onto the next round!!