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  1. Okay I'm a sophmore in high school but I want to start narrowing down my schools that i want to go to. But I have no idea what colleges are the best for me to apply too. I want a college that I can get a good education from and I want it to be a four year college. I want to go into the nursing field in general I haven't really pin pointed what exactlly I want to yet. However I would most like to go into the O.B. cause I have always liked that part. My main wonder is what schools should I look toward more and or what ones you feel would be good ones to check out. I open to all suggestions cause right now I stuck on the colleges in Findlay, Ohio where I live and I what ones that aren't close to here but aren't too far away.

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  3. by   MDSlady
    Hi Anna,
    I would recommend finding not a school because you like OB but rather a good nursing program in general. Concentrate on your BSN and then after you graduate, concentrate in what field of nursing you would like. Remember, that during your nursing school experience, you will be exposed to alot of nursing fields and while now, OB sounds like what you may like, you may change your mind. So, try to find a BSN program around the area that you would like to attend college. And best of luck.....:hatparty: