CNA vs GNA Training: Hospital vs Nursing Home

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    Are there any CNA's who can attest to having additional certification in phlebotomy, ECG, IV, etc. as making them more employable in hospitals?

    As a new CNA/GNA working towards a second degree in Nursing; it's been quite challenging breaking into this field. Most nursing homes want you to have 6 mons to 1 yr of experience. Most hospitals require at least 1 year experinence. My CNA/GNA course mostly emphasized the geriatric part of being a nursing assistant. My practicum was located at a nursing home.

    After much research, I appears that if i want to get employed in a acute care hospital setting; I need at least a yr experience...even if it's in a nursing home. I also need to get my phlebotomy and ECG certification. I can get these certs at the same college I got my CNA/GNA cert. Apparently this will take a about three months per cert.

    After reading many blogs from new RN grads, it's equally hard to get employed as a new grad with a BSN. Hopefully, as a new rn grad I will be marketable by having a couple years experience as a CNA/GNA with additional certifications. Fortunately, looks like I'll be starting my first job at a nursing home soon. I enjoy caring for geriatric residents, however I want to get more experience in a hospital environment.
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