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Hi I was looking for some advice, so I'm currently a cna and I was looking to further my education as a LVN at a vocational school, Am I making the right choice becoming a LVN? I also will like to... Read More

  1. by   NeNe_cna
    Thank everyone for your advice, I really do appreciate it. I start my LVN classes tomorrow, I'm so excited, I went to orientation today. It was really great. I'm so ready for this journey and a new start to my long term goals in life
  2. by   LindseyF1
    I am doing the same exact thing I live in FL! Do what is best for you, you can do it!
  3. by   NeNe_cna
    Thank you so much, I appreciate it
  4. by   Get2theChoppa
    Re: work

    My bf works in an acute care psych facility and they heavily utilize LVNs for meds on every floor. I'd guess places like where my bf works and snfs utilize LVNs a lot for med admin. I'm in the LA area.
  5. by   EbonyWaltonEl
    What school did you decide on?