career advice if moving in a year

  1. I may be moving after one year from now, and I have been working on the med/surg floor in the hospital for the past year. I really hate it, but I think I am doing a good job...although my priorities are patient safety and quality care rather than time management. I hate working the floor I am on because I feel like the computers are always busting and then we get in trouble for giving meds non-barcoded because the med isn't "in" the pharmacy list yet..but I don't have time to call the pharmacy or IT every time the computer decides to act up. I am tired of running around like a chicken with my head cut off and working up to 15 hour days with no lunch. I am a single parent of two teenage boys and this isn't cool. (I don't mean that in a stupid way even though it sounds like it). Don't get me wrong I am not always at work for 15 hours...but I am about half an half on getting out between 7:30/8pm and 8:30 pm..the latest I have stayed being 9:20 pm recently. (from 7 am).

    I have been recommended to the OR supervisor for a position opening there by a surgeon and he wants me to work there...but also there are some openings coming up at a hospice facility as well that I did clinical rotations in during my nursing program and I loved it there and I could probably work from 7-3 there. So either way I would be getting out of the regular floor nursing I am stuck in right now, but my other concern other than than trying to decide where I would be happiest at is what would the career options be like for me after moving in a year if I choose either position (OR or Hospice). Thanks!
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