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  1. I need some insight!

    My credentials are 6 months med surg and 15 months icu.
    My intentions were do move to California in 48 hours to get my rn license at state board and hopes to work as a traveler in San Diego, my last shift in Icu is tonight in Indiana. I have had phone interview and its a matter of my license coming through before someone else wants that job. I want to stay located on San Diego region due to my friend who lives there. I feel my background and resume would not allow for me to get into higher paying jobs if travel assignment fails. Pay would be about $65k including housing.
    I receive a call yesterday with a job offer from an interview 2 months ago for a resource position that would put me in an entire network of central hospitals floating primarily Icu pcu and er with be edits such as make your schedule, no weekends, one holiday per year, matched 401k, premium pay at $87k year on three days with unlimited overtime.

    I feel the second offer would be benefit my skills and develop my growth more than the California dream per say. The benefits and pay are better however This may be my only time in life for the California chance. I need to decide within 24 hours so I would appreciate any words of advice or encouragement.
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  3. by   Julia77063
    Go to California!!!! You can't put a price on life experiences. The people and culture is totally different and the weather is wonderful, it would be the only time you could probably afford to live there. If you count the free housing, you come out making more....I did assignment in LA years ago and lived in Marina del Rey where the apartment cost over $3,000 a month and I could walk to the beach.