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  1. I need someone to tell me if I'm crazy or not. I'm currently working in a pediatric ICU at a level II trauma center in a moderately sized city. I'm working a schedule that has me on every other weekend and I switch back and forth between days and nights weekly. I'm struggling with the night shifts. I'm so tired all the time I feel like I can't function and I'm constantly nauseated. I love the PICU but issues with my schedule and recent trouble with management has me desperately wanting to change jobs. I'm looking into hospital desk jobs or even office nursing for a better schedule, but I fear that I will regret my decision 6 months from now and I really don't want a pay cut.

    Another side to the story is my husband is an attorney who doesn't like his job and those jobs are hard to come by. I was considering moving to a larger city in our state where there are more opportunities for both of us. The rough part is we just bought a house 2 months ago that we love. I feel like I'm losing my mind trying to decide what is right and I don't want to make a rash decision, but I desperately need a change. If I'm going to change jobs I want to move up and go somewhere I can advance my career. I feel lost because I love the specialty I'm in and I'm starting to truly feel comfortable in my job, but I can't do this schedule with this management much longer. Any advice on what I should do or who I should talk to would be greatly appreciated.
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