Can't get PEDS interview! Help with email to Nurse manager... advice appreciated!

  1. Peds is the ONLY thing that I want to go into. I am graduating in May, and HR attempted to set up 2 peds interviews. Unfortunately the request for the interview that I wanted the MOST (which is for 2 units) was turned down.

    The nurse manager is too bogged down with interviews and will open them back up IF the current candidates do not fill the positions...

    One of my friends who graduated last semester and got a job from this NM rec. that I email her expressing how interested I am in the position.

    Here is what I've typed up, but before I sent it, I want to be sure that it is worded in a way that will show her how committed I am to pediatrics and how interested I am in her units. I also want to "one-up" myself in any way possible to my competition.

    Any suggestions, advice or corrections GREATLY appreciated (ESPECIALLY if you are a nurse manager!!)

    Hi Mrs. XXXX,

    My name is XXXX and I am in my final semester of school at XXXX, and graduate early May.

    I had clinical for my Pediatrics rotation on XX, and completely fell in love with working with children, and with the atmosphere of the unit.

    I have been working with Ms. XXXX from Human Resources to set up nursing interviews, and XX was the first choice on my list! She sent the interview request for February 16, and I was disappointed to hear that your interviews are all filled up!

    If you get any cancellations for Nursing position interviews, please keep me in mind. I am very committed to being a Pediatric nurse, and would be very interested in any interviews open up.


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  3. by   llg
    It sounds like a good letter to me and I would recommend sending it as planned. However, I would also recommend exploring other possibilities -- in the same hospital if possible. If you work on another unit for a while and do a great job, you'll be in a good position to transfer to the unit that is your first choice.

    Sometimes, we don't get our first choice in the beginning. Sometimes we have to work towards it for a while.

    Good luck,
  4. by   analee23
    Hey! I was in the same boat you were! The thing that helped me get one of those choice interviews with the pediatric NM was to show her I had experience with kids, thus showing her how much I desired a pediatric position.

    So, the only things I would have to say about your current letter are, if you have any experience working with kids, list it! Also, just my personal pet peeve but you use a few too many exclamation points. You want to show your enthusiasm with your word choice, not your punctuation. (that may just be my english tutor former self rearing her ugly head, sorry). Also, did you do your rotation on the unit that you are applying for? If so, very good idea to list where you did your rotation so she knows you know the unit.

    Good luck and I hope you get the interview. If not, keep lookin for anything pediatric out there. First out of nursing school my husband and I were planning a move cross country and I ended up working in a pediatric doctor's office for a few months, so there are a lot of options.


    ooo this turned out way longer than I thought it would.... eeek. oh well.
  5. by   RNinJune2007
    Thanks for all the suggestions! I fixed the email up, and sent it out to the NM and attached a letter of recommendation written by an employer (I've been caring for her children for three years so I figured she was the perfect person) by email, so hopefully I'll get a response!

    Thanks again everyone!