Calling all RNFAs for advice!

  1. Hi all: I'm 4 weeks away from being a second year RN student (i can't wait!) Anyways, I've done a few outrotations in the O.R., and even though I'm still learning about everything, I'm thinking that O.R. is the place for me. I love it! So, one position that I was especially intrigued by was the First Assist RN. I haven't had the opportunity to talk to an RNFA in person, but I wanted to know a little more about the position. It just seems SO cool, and you get to be right in there with the surgeon! So I guess I would just like to know things like how you started out, how long did you work as a circulating nurse, if you got hired right out of school in the O.R., what program did you go to to complete your education for a First Assist position (and how long did it take), what your hours are like, how many others are there in your position at your facility, what your pay scale is like, what your average day is like, how much paperwork do you have to complete, etc.? Sorry so many questions, but I just want a better understanding of the real job. Any information/stories would be so appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   Itshamrtym
    Hello there.... I know it has been awhile since your post.. Im a OR circ. nurse. Had the opportunity to speak to a RNFA Saturday due to my grandad having surgery @ another hospital. She LOVES it.. Started out a surgical tech then RN
    (circ. nurse), then RNFA. She said she is salary. Looks good on paper, but she works a lot of overtime. Sometimes 65-70 hours a week. She does get comp time for this. She really feels like a part of the team... SO GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!