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  1. I'm new to this website and to nursing! I've been nursing for about a year and a half on a med-surg floor in a community hospital. I only have a few more shifts there and then it's off to the Veterans hospital where I will start in the ER. If anyone has any advice or suggestions I am certainly open to them! I'm glad I found this site. I was also wondering if anyone has any suggestions for part-time work that is flexible....I find myself twiddling my fingers on my days off sometimes(no kids, no husband). Thanks and good luck to all the HARD-working nurses out there!!!

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    Hi Shannig77,
    Good to talk to you. I'm new to this community too but welcome.
    My background before becoming stay home mom: 17 years in busy Chicago ER. I'm glad you are giving ER a try. You might just love it. Have you given your change of specialty great thought and some research? If you did then it is worth it. Just be ready that like other specialized areas it is very different in its set up and day to day operations than the med surge environment. What I loved about it was the spontaneity and autonomy that it gives you. You work side by side with an ER doc day in and day out usually 12 hours and professional partnerships form. No more doctors who think thay are God's gift to nurses kind of thing. You learn to trust each other as you go on with patient care and after while as you get proficient in your practice as an ER nurse there is that almost non verbal communication between you, your team nurses, and the doctors that makes the work efficiently going seamlessly because of the mutual trust forged between each other. I can't really put into words but it's so neat.
    Schedulewise it's just like any other area. I worked 12 hours three days a week then went down to two days, did 7A-7P, tried 9A-9P, as well as 11A-11P, and did some night shifts as well. It depends on the particular ER some will bend to accommodate if they really think you are worth it. So gobble up every opportunity the hospital gives you to advance your career. If you find ER your ultimate choice in my case about 4 years it's good to work toward certification. You will become a heavyhitting ER nurse and you can use it to your leverage in negotiations whether salary or schedule choices.
    Hope I helped.
    A friend in HIS name,