Books PREP Before RN JOB

  1. Hi, i just passed my Nclex 2 weeks ago, i could never been so happy and at the same time nervous. i took it for the first time only studied 3 months. I graduated 2013.

    Now as i waited to process my license and i am very anxious about getting a job. As i mention above i graduated 2013 and the only hospita experiences i had as nurse is when i was in school. So basicly i dont know jack about anything. I felt like a push comes to shove, But ofcourse its a blessing that i am foever greatful. Anyway So what i ask, and im sorry for reposting if theres somone had the same question as i have which is WHAT book can i read and relearn byself to prep myself before apply for RN job. I want to be holisticly prepared.
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