Best way to quit my externship

  1. I have an externship right now that I started in January at a children's hospital. I love it! And my charge nurse and preceptors are telling me that I am excelling and doing well.

    Problem is I am pregnant and having a really difficult pregnancy. I have come to the difficult decision that I need to quit my externship and put my health as a priority. Between nursing school full time, a toddler at home, and feeling incredibly sick every day I think that I need to cut back on anything that I can. I am going to stay in school and power through it, but working every weekend on top of that has become too difficult now.

    I need advice on how to quit in the most professional way possible, to not burn any bridges. How to go about it etc. I am really hoping that they still consider me for a job when I graduate, but obviously I am choosing to sacrifice that job security for the sake of my health and sanity.

    Any advice is welcome and appreciated. Thank you!
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  3. by   llg
    Just be honest and straightforward. You have a good reason for resigning that they will understand. Tell them that your pregnancy is causing some problems and that you can't handle both the job and school right now. Thank them for the opportunity they gave you and say that you hope to be able to work there again someday after you graduate and your baby is born.