Best choice for nursing applicant in military

  1. I am currently taking A&P II as the last of my prerequisites before applying for the nursing program at my college. This fall when I receive my grades for A&P II I will apply for the nursing program. Currently there is a year to year and a half waiting list and growing for the R.N., nursing program. Before deciding on nursing almost two years ago I always imagined of joining the military sometime in the future but at the time I was already taking classes at college. Now it seems to fit my schedule to join the reserves and military experience is always welcome on applications. Basic training and school for my military job should take a little under a year then I can come back home, find a job, prepare for and wait out the remaining months for my acceptance into the nursing program. What would be the best route for me as far as which branch, what job to take to best complement my pending nursing application? (Again, I will be joining the reserves so I can come back and start the Nursing program) I'm conflicted between Air Force and the Navy as I have friends in both branches and highly recommend their respective branches. Thank you for reading all this and welcome all answers.
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