Baptist Hospital Miami Versant Program May 2018 - page 5

Hi everyone! I recently applied to Baptist Health Miami Versant RN residency that starts August 20th, 2018. I saw that the application is now closed so I wanted to get the conversation started and... Read More

  1. by   nursegld14
    I called and she said she's still in the process of calling and that she's still pending 10 more positions from the units. She said that at this point, if you get an offer, you should be called by the end of this week. If no offer, they will notify you next week by email
  2. by   nursegld14
    For everyone waiting, are you guys waiting on a multi-specialty offer?
  3. by   Petalsxoxo
    What does she mean by pending 10 positions from the units? Looking for 10 more spots to give applicants?
  4. by   nursegld14
    As in she's still waiting for the units to give her the names of 10 people they've picked
  5. by   Sammanthhha
    Has anyone gotten called or knows anyone who's gotten called?
  6. by   Petalsxoxo
  7. by   nursegld14
    I received my rejection email :/