Baby Steps to a goal of becoming a Nurse Midwife? - page 2

Get it "baby steps"? LOL...sorry I had to throw a pun in. I know for a fact that I would one day like to be a Nurse Midwife. I have always been interested in the field and I am a student in... Read More

  1. by   htrn
    Selke, you mentioned wanting to go to Central or South America to volunteer as a CNM. Check out It is a nurse run birth center in Weslaco, TX that serves primarily Spanish speeking clients. I did a one week experience down there as an elective in my BSN program and it was WONDERFUL. They have volunteer nurses and CNM, provide excellant patient care and great experience. The birth center is (or at least was) run by Sister Angela - and she's just a hoot.

    Good luck.
  2. by   Selke
    Thanks for the information on Holy Family. I already know about them but it never hurts to repeat for those who may not have heard of them. One of my plans was sort of hoping to work for them for a bit after finishing school. I've heard that Sister Angela retired. I've heard through the grapevine they are losing their only midwife and are in danger of closing if nobody goes to work there.
  3. by   gdelrosa
    Wow... this is great information. I signed up for an orientation session to become a volunteer doula. I'm very excited and see this as my "baby step" to becoming a CNM. I'd love to hear others' experiences as a doula.