At a crossroads and REALLY confused

  1. I'm currently enlisted in the Air Force. Been in a little over 2 years, enlistment is up in 2009. While in I have completed my Associate's Degree and I did very well overall.

    I would like to stay in the Air Force, but enlisted pay just isn't doing it for me. I spent 2 years as an EMT and I loved the work, I got to know the nurses at the hospitals we went to, and it seemed like a job I could really get into. Nurses in the military make extra money just for being a nurse, as well as the base officer pay, and nurse specialty pay.

    I'm not gonna just sit around for another 4 years waiting for my enlistment to end while doing nothing to help myself towards my goal of becoming a nurse, so I was going to finish a 4yr degree. However I am not sure of what I should get a degree in, I want something that will help me to get into a nursing school that much easier. In order to be a military nurse I have to obtain a BSN as well.

    So what should I do in the mean time? I'm stationed overseas, so it would have to be a degree I could do online.

    I'm just really unsure of where to go or what to do next, so I turned to the internet

    If anyone could offer ANY kind of advice I would really appreciate it!

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