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  1. I am currently working as an extern at a hospital in Dallas and will be graduating in December. I met with the nurse recruiter at my hospital regarding internships and she gave me transfer request forms (one for each position Im applying for) and told me to fill them out, attach my resume and return them ASAP. This was on Monday.

    On Tuesday, I took the completed forms back to HR and gave them to the receptionist. She seemed a little concerned that it was the wrong paperwork because she said she had never seen someone fill out a transfer request when applying for a new position in a different department. Im fairly confident that it is the correct paperwork because the recruiter handed it to me directly, but I called and left her a message asking her to call me back and confirm that what I turned in was correct, but as of today (Thursday) she still has not called me back and never answers her phone when I call her office.

    My concern is that I will be passed up for positions because my paperwork a) didnt get to where it needed to be, or b) is incorrect all together.

    I hate to harass this poor woman by calling her constantly, but I dont know what else to do because everyone else in HR just refers me back to her...

    Also, what is the typical number of internships that a new grad applies for (total, not just at one facility)? Im paranoid that I wont get into the internships at my hospital and then I will be out of luck for not applying elsewhere...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   zaggar
    I've heard many people on this board tell people in your position that HR departments are notoriously slow. I would probably set a deadline and call them back after that. Maybe a week?