Am I making the wrong choice?

  1. Hello,

    After being at home with my disabled daughter and other children for the last 5 years, I had thought that a career in nursing would be something I would like to do.

    Perhaps I was idealistic but after coming here and reading the many topics in these forums, I wonder if I am making the right decision, monetarily wise.

    I have read many conflicting starting wages for RN's right out of school and I am concerned, seeing that when I do become an RN, my husband will quit his job and stay with the children while going to school.

    In my mind and after perusing job ads, I thought that after school, I would make a $30 starting wage, excellent benefits and perhaps only work the 3 days required of an RN (36 hours). Now, however, I read that the Dallas Texas starting wage is around $19 per hour. If this is correct then there is no way I could actually become a nurse and work with children and help people like I wished to do. I made $40K per year as just an administrative assistant and was hoping that being an RN, I could make more and have more opportunities for advancement.

    The starting wage scares me and we cannot afford the cost nor the time for me to go to school to make less than I would be making as a secretary. **Sighs**

    I don't know what to do or what information I read is correct. I truly hope someone can tell me the approximate starting salary for an RN in Dallas Texas.

    Thanks and sorry this is soooo long winded.
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  3. by   KatieBell
    I do not know the exact starting wage of an RN in Texas, calling recruiters at local hospitals will give you that answer. 19 an hour sounds about right. It definitely is not 30 dollars an hour, (Even for experienced RN's).
    I do know that RN's in the Southern Region tend to make less than Nurses up North. Our Costs of living also tend to be less. Ways to augment the wage are to work night shift, or the Weekend Option shift and of course, overtime.

    After one year, you will probably be able to work Agency, but Agency typically (there are exceptions), does not provide really excellent benefits.

    As an RN you will have more opportunities for advancement when compared to an administrative assistant, but as far as the wage, for the Southern Region, that is pretty much the starting wage (for some states it is a lot lower).
  4. by   papawjohn
    Hey Alota

    I'm not in Dallas but starting pay $19 actually sounds pretty high on the scale to me for 'newly created' RNs. There is a thread here about salaries--use the 'search' and you'll probably have hours of interesting reading.

    On top of being disappointed with the starting pay, you'll probably be surprised that the shift-work associated with 'baby nurses' would likely interfere with your expectation of spending lots of time in (?) voluntary charities and that caring for our OWN children is a big problem for many Nurses.

    Doesn't sound to me like your expectations can be met by nursing.

    Good Luck
    Papaw John
  5. by   Dixielee
    You will be able to work 36 hours....three 12 hour shifts. You will probably spend a good bit of your time working night shifts, but that is not a guarantee. As far as salary, I don't think you will come close to $30/hr in Texas. Some hospitals do offer a week end option plan where you get a special week end and night shift differential than can equal $8.00 or so. So that may be an option. Salary might depend on your degree...ADN vs BSN, but there is generally not enough difference to mention, if any.

    Your benefits will probably be pretty good, but I would not call them excellant. Insurance for you family may be pricy, but it would be most anywhere you work.

    You may get a nice sign on bonus depending on the hospital as well, so there are many factors to consider.

    As someone already mentioned, you may call a nurse recruiter at various hospitals and ask them what new grads are generally offered. Ask about week end and shift differentials and sign on bonues. They should be pretty open to talking with you. Good luck.
  6. by   SWFlorida
    If your looking for a job with top wages and extra time at home dont go into nursing. You will be disappointed. Get into it for the love of medicine and helping people. Wages are low and no real increase in the past ten years, and the future isn't looking real promising. Benefits such as health insurance and retirement have been slowly eroded away. There is a nursing shortage for a reason.