Agency Work on my CV - Help or Hinderence?

  1. I have worked mainly as an agency nurse, for family and health reasons. I have a genetic condition that causes blood clots, and I have suffered three DVTs and one PE. Of course, at the time this made me unreliable and I decided that rather than accrue sick time, I would stick to agency work. Now my condition is stabilised with anticoagulants and I want to get a permanent position. The cons of agency are really getting me down now. I was wondering how much the years of agency and no actually permanent position on a ward would go against me obtaining a Band 5 post? I have held permanent posts as a sister in nursing homes in the past, but more recently, agency work fitted in around the rest of my life. I also helped my husband run a factory until the recession hit. Would you, as an employer, steer clear of me? and what could I do to help myself gain a ward post?

    I actually see my experience as being bountiful due to agency work. I have worked with charge nurses, who after report, I have asked about investigations required for pt's and the reply was that they had only just come back after days off so did not know the patients yet! As an agency I have aquired the skill to know a patient, and their needs within an hour of being on duty! I have experience in all aspects of nursing too! Would a prospective employer recognise this also?
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