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  1. After completely finishing all my prereqs for nursing school, I have decided that nursing isn't what I really want to do. I chose nursing because it gave me some kind of a goal, a reason to go to school, and something to tell people when they asked what I was "going to do". Now I am pretty set on going to school for ultrasound. My dilemma is getting into a school not. The only schools in my area (southern california) are orange coast college(they said they had a 2-3 years waitlist) and cypress college. Im really interested in cypress college, but Im concerned that I won't get in because they have a point system for selection. You get some points for your GPA and many more for being a rad tech and having experience. This leads me to wonder if just having the GPA points will get me in. When I asked the counselor this very question she said that it depends on how many people apply and how many hospital location spots they get that year, but that people in the past have gotten in with just the GPA points. I'm wondering if anyone knows anyone who has gone to cypress or has gone there themselves and can help me with this. I don't want to drive all the way to cypress for a semester and bust my butt to find that I won't get in until after I become a rad tech. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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